Mncedi Madolo

Embark on a journey with Mncedi Madolo as he captures the urban pulse 


In 1988, a journey began in the Eastern Cape of South Africa with the birth of Mncedi Madolo. This journey took a significant turn when he earned his National Diploma in Fine Arts from Walter Sisulu University in 2014, focusing on painting. However, it was his move to Johannesburg in 2017 that truly transformed his artistic path. 


From the Eastern Cape to Johannesburg's canvas 

Upon arriving in Johannesburg, Madolo found himself immersed in the city's vibrant urban life. This new environment became a rich source of inspiration for him, leading him to explore the complexities of lower middle-class existence. His art poignantly captures the tension between aspirations and the stark realities of life, resonating with a broad audience. 


A tapestry of urban narratives 

Madolo's work reflects the intricate relationship between the dreams sold by print and advertising media and the everyday lives of people. He uses his canvas to weave stories, combining magazine covers that exalt "black is beautiful" with flyers offering quick solutions to life's challenges. His incisive cartoon sketches challenge the norms, offering a fresh lens through which to view familiar narratives.