Samson Mnisi

“Something unknown is doing, we don’t know what.” – Sir Author Eddington

I am reminded of the above explanation of how the universe works by the renowned British Physicist when taking in the paintings of Samson Nisi. The source and inspiration behind the abstracted world’s Nisi conjures into reality are as much of a conundrum to me as any metaphysical theory. As a former Mkonto we sizwe veteran, Nisi has admittedly seen enough of the world’s many shades to steer his approach to art making towards the subconscious. This is to say that Nisi’s practice does not centre around an overly interlectualised grappling with form, composition or line, but is instead the result of many years of engagement with the elements of art, that he finds himself inhabiting a space of meditative solace when it comes to his practice. Samson Nisi substantiates this by saying “ It’s not art for art’s sake, but it’s also not for any sake either. For a long time I have been removing brain out of my work. For a long time I thought about stuff, but I’m trying not to think. I’m trying to remove thought from my work.” There’s a sense that it is only in these moments of creativity that he is able to syphon off from the world and truly connect with himself.