'Man Of The Hour' - Samson Mnisi solo

October 06, 2022 - October 20, 2022

Samson Mnisi's Artworks were creations which refused to be tied down. Much like the man who created them; his work often bucked the system, cut against the grain and existed by its own set of rules. Heavy and light are how this artist & his creations existed. This final exhibition 'Man of the Hour' is a showcasing of a giant taking flight. It is in this spirit that we as asisebenze bid this great artist a loving farewell. We will fondly remember his nature of ass-kickery.

It is with a deep deep sadness that we at Asisebenze Art Atelier announce the passing of Samson Mnisi (1971-2022). His death occurred the day after the joyous grand opening of his solo show at Keyes Art Mile, titled 'Man Of The Hour' . The title is a fitting one, because Samson Mnisi is the spiritual grail of African Abstraction. We are not humans on a spiritual path, but spirits on a human path. Samson Mnisi, warrior-artist, beloved father and leader, understood this truth profoundly. Continuously kicking ass and making rain.