Sanlam Private Wealth presents: Inner City Views

May 10, 2023 - July 31, 2023

Inner City Views is a group exhibition which holistically embraces Asisebenze’s inner city location. The title of the show is derived from the 1971 iconic Marvin Gaye soul classic "Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler)". Written by Gaye and James Nyx Jr, this climactic song depicts the ghettos and bleak economic situations of inner-city America, and the emotional effects these have on inhabitants.

This classic musical commentary, translated into our modern day visual art exhibition, illuminates many of the already existent themes our artists grapple with in their artistic creations. This speaks to the duality of tradition versus modernity, urban survival or contemporary African identity.

The artistic creations produced by each of these 22 artists will pose similar questions and statements posed by the 1971 song itself. Albeit in an African instead of African American context. The exhibition showcases three artworks from each of the 22 artists, in three different exhibitions, spanning three months.

The sponsorship by Sanlam Private Wealth to produce this distinctive exhibition is but one example of how the gap between artists and qualified buyers is being bridged. Access to markets, after all, is a key determinant of success in any venture.

Asisebenze is therefore actively building more bridges so that local art collectors are able to fully appreciate local artistic talent. All too often, significant works are lost to international buyers with bigger budgets, or simply a stronger currency.

The interest from international art buyers is a clear signal that creative works by local artists are in demand. This undoubtedly reflects the unique qualities of works created by African artists, while also signalling the expectation of value appreciation.

AAA is committed to turning this tide by making visually inspiring works with rich stories and cultural relevance readily available to local art collectors. The partnership with Sanlam Private Wealth is a bold first step to making this vision a reality.

The exhibition is  open to the public, and private and group viewings can be arranged by contacting Choni Gavin (083 750 9083 / [email protected]) or Nolan Stevens (074 823 5550 / [email protected]).


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