Join us for the launch of 'Deconstructed' at Asisebenze

Published 08 March 2024 in News

Art enthusiasts and collectors are in for a treat as Asisebenze Art Atelier launches ‘Deconstructed’, a groundbreaking solo exhibition series starting in April 2024. This series is more than just an exhibition: it's a vibrant, month-long celebration of artistic innovation and dialogue, promising to redefine the landscape of contemporary African art.


‘Deconstructed’ will showcase a different artist from the Asisebenze studio each month, offering an intimate look at their work and creative journey. 


The series challenges artists to step outside their comfort zones, encouraging them to experiment with new modes of art making. This approach aims to deconstruct their usual practices, presenting their art in a fresh and unexplored light. 


The result? A series of exhibitions that not only stay true to the artists' core themes but also offer new perspectives and insights into their work.


April 2024 will see the talented Sifiso Mkhabela inaugurate the series with his solo exhibition, Concrete Cocoon. Known for his insightful exploration of South African socio-political realities, Sifiso is set to take his art to new heights. His exhibition is expected to be a pivotal moment in ‘Deconstructed’, marking a shift from the sculptures for which he is traditionally known.