Join us on a Cultural Journey in 2024

Published 28 November 2023 in News

We’re stepping things up in 2024, and we’ve love you to join us as we embark on a cultural journey of discovery and delight. 


We’re excited to announce that we’ll be showcasing two of our artists every month in our public gallery at 28 Plein Street. The month-long exhibition will be the focal point of activities at Asisebenze Art Atelier throughout 2024 as we look to build closer connections between art aficionados and the artists. 

Our mission is to not only showcase the talent of our resident artists but also to forge a deeper connection between art collectors and the vibrant world of contemporary African art.  


Imagine stepping into a space where creativity knows no bounds, where each month brings the promise of discovery and dialogue. 


A monthly spectacle: The heart of our 2024 calendar is the monthly rotation of two featured artists within our gallery walls, presenting a collection of curated works. Each exhibition is a carefully crafted narrative, reflecting the unique perspectives and techniques of our talented artists.

These monthly shows starting in March are not merely displays; they are experiences, starting with an exclusive opening on the first Thursday to a select audience who will be the first to witness the unveiling of new masterpieces. 

Dialogue and Discourse The conversation about art is as important as the art itself. On the second Thursday of each month, we invite you to immerse yourself in our art panel discussions. These forums will be a platform for vibrant debates, intellectual exchange, and a deep dive into the inspirations and stories behind the art on display. 


A Celebratory Finale The crescendo of each month's artistic journey is the closing night event. Held on the last Thursday, this evening is a celebration of the month's featured art and artists. Open to all ticket holders, it is an opportunity to mingle with the creators, discuss their work, and experience the community's shared passion for art.