An Inner View Blog: Open Studio 2023

Published 01 November 2023 in Blog

Nolan Stevens

As the grey clouds gathered on the 29th of October, we opened our doors undeterred by the weather and a nation celebrating the Springboks’ scintillating World Cup victory in Paris the night before. This was our fourth Open Studio event, a day that has become a cherished tradition for us and the local art community.

This year, we pushed the boundaries of what an Open Studio could be. We wanted to make art accessible, so we held an artwork raffle for our dedicated social media followers the chance to win a piece by Siphamandla Ex Kino, one of our brilliant resident artists. The excitement was palpable as Lefa Sithole was announced the lucky winner, taking home a framed canvas that holds deep meaning for the artist.

Missed out? No problem! Relive the best moments in our recap video: 


We took our commitment to creating interactive experiences to a new level with a new installation that captures the essence of our city's streets. Mncedi Madolo, whose work is as vibrant as his spirit, created a minibus taxi photo booth that became the day's talking point. It wasn't just an installation; it was an invitation to step into a slice of city life, and has become an instant Instagram favourite.

In a bid to make some of the artworks more accessible, we placed a 'print box' in the north gallery for art lovers to browse through to see if anything caught their fancy. 

This complemented the 'Work Hard|Play Hard' theme for the exhibition that adorned our gallery walls. This exhibition was a dialogue between the dualities of city life, the grind and the grace, the hustle and the play. It was a narrative we all live, told through the strokes of our artists' brushes.

As daylight faded, the tempo changed. The DJs, Kind Regards and Sex On Decks, spun a soundtrack that transformed the space from a gallery to a celebration of art and life. The night was ours, and we shared it with every soul that stayed, danced, and reveled in the connection that only art can forge.